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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hiking Sebago Lake State Park

After climbing Jockey Cap and fighting through Sunday traffic on Rt 302, I decided to swing into Sebago Lake State Park to hike the walking trails they have around the property. We've been there enough for swimming and jockeying for beach space, but never to actually 'walk' the trails.

I started at our usual parking spot, located at the beach access. It was chilly and windy there, so I wasn't worried about ruining someone's parking. I meandered my way around the Group Picnic Area and out to point to the far right of the park. From there, I took the trail that navigates along the entire beach, then headed up and out through the woods. It took me about an hour and a half to make the trip, which took me far out almost to the park entrance - I chose a trail that cut across the road and back towards the beach area. I would say I walked at least 1 1/2 miles, if not closer to two. I need to look it up and my map isn't within reach! The trail looped back around to my parking area, with the help of the many maps strategically placed along the route I couldn't get lost.

Anyway, please enjoy what pictures I did get of my peaceful Sunday afternoon walkies.

Sebago Lake, looking pretty rough

A Leapord Frog hides in the quiet shallows of a mucky spot

That is one seriously empty beach for Labor Day weekend!

Ok feet, let's get to walkin'!

The forested area was fantastic, so lush and green!

Trail maps are convienently placed at each intersection, clearly marking your location.

One of the many Chickadees that forwarned the entire forest of my presence

 Uh-oh! Fall is coming quickly!

This pretty fawn was one of three White-Tailed deer I jumped during my hike

Not many boat trailers, with the wind I wasn't surprised


  1. Hey Nay..boy you are really spitting out the post aren't you!!
    What a cute picture of the deer....and I like that funny fungi ..yellow and reddish real different!!

  2. I love the photos Renee! I can almost feel I was there in the park.

  3. It was very peaceful Jayne, so quiet - I never did meet another hiker.

    Wel GG, I'm done for right now... I'm exhausted after all that hiking and typing! I believe that yellow fungi was Chicken Mushroom. I didn't have my identification books with me when I finished posting (shhh - I was at work!)

    Hey Dave! Welcome aboard and thank you. You know how much I love to take pictures! :)

  4. Thank you for posting! I am currently trying to book a trip to Sebago for a running team, do you think the trails would work well for running with a large group of people? Thank you again and very nice pictures.

  5. Catherine - so glad you stumbled across my blog, it gives me purpose! :) The trail is 3-4 feet wide in most spots and up to 5 in others. Here and there - mainly on the east side closer to the beach there are many twists / turns / rocks / roots. So long as the group isn't bunched up and are paying attention, it should be fine! If you run the full trail the best reward is a good swim! :) I hope you have a blast, let me know how it went!



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